HPS-40 (Код: S036037)

hps-40 радиокомпоненты
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Корпус: HPS-40

Series: HPS
Scope Type: Hand Held
Bandwidth: 40MHz
Meter Display Type: LCD
Analogue Bandwidth: 12MHz
Battery Size Code: 5 x AA
Calibration Code: 12
External Length / Height: 220mm
No. of Channels: 1
Operating Temperature Max: 0°C
Operating Temperature Min: 50°C
Oscilloscope Bandwidth: 40MHz
Peak Voltage AC: 200V
Resolution: 192x112
Supply Voltage V DC: 9V
Time Base: 50ns to 1hour/division
Triggering Mode: Run, Normal, Once, Roll Mode for 1s/div and slower timebase
True-RMS Voltage Measuring Range: 0.1mV to 400Vrms
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